A - Z Of Information


Student absences must be reported to the office.  This can be done by calling and speaking to a staff member or leaving a message, you may also use the report absence tool on the school website.  Teachers are required to notify the office of absent children and someone will contact you if we haven't heard from you by 10.30am.

ASCA (Alfredton School and Community Association)

Our findraising team is very active and works hard to raise much needed funds for our school.  ASCA have supported the solar development, court replacement and concreting at school over the past 18 months.  They also pay for a professional swimming coach to come into the school each year for 4 weeks in February and work with our students.  

Our ASCA chairperson will contact you upon your child's enrolment at the school, to discuss the fundraising and how you can be involved.


We aim to have all students attending school at least 95% of the school year.  This means that students should ideally have no more than 9 days off school over the course of the year.  We do understand that in some circumstances this is not possible (e.g. Tangi's, Sickness etc.).  

The Ministry of Education have made schools responsible for determining if an absence is justified or unjustified.  Justified absences include funerals/tangis, medical appointments, sickness etc.  Unjustified absences include regular days off after a weekend, family holidays (in most circumstances), trips away etc.

There is a range of information available for parents from the Ministry of Education www.minedu.govt.nz around attendance.  

Please remember there is generally a direct relationship between your child's regular attendance and their achievement.  For each day your child is away from school they will miss a range of learning opportunities and key concepts, that in some cases will be quite difficult for them to catch up on.

We recommend keeping your child out of school only when it is really necessary.


The school-wide behaviour procedure outlines the way in which staff deal with undesirable student behaviour.  This can be downloaded from the Board of Trustees Policies section of the website.  Staff are also expected to encourage positive behaviour and each teacher has their own in class positive reward system for behaviour.


Over 95% of our children are bused to school.  Parents are advised that their children do need to be ready for the bus at your allocated pick up time, as a few minutes delay at each house could result in the entire bus being late for school.

To school:  If the bus is not required in the morning by your child please notify your bus driver directly before they leave for their morning run - this is not a school responsibility.

From school:  If a child needs to go on another bus or is being collected from school, the school office needs to be notified.  We cannot always guarantee spaces on others buses as most of our runs are full - so you will need to check this with us prior to making plans.

Any issues or complaints about the bus behaviour need to be directed initially to Anita Phillips.


We take parents’ concerns and complaints seriously at Alfredton School.  If you have a concern or complaint the first step to resolving this is to contact the staff member directly, should you not feel comfortable with the outcome of this contact you then need to contact the Principal, with the Board of Trustees Chairperson only contacted if you still feel your complaint has not been addressed appropriately.

Concerns should be raised sooner rather than later and are generally queries or questions about the classroom programme or school events.  Complaints must be in writing and need to be received by the school as soon as possible after the event to allow for swift response and action.

A copy of the concerns and complaints procedure is available in the Board of Trustees Policies section of this website.


Accidental damage to school property is accounted for the in school-wide budget and insurance.  Deliberate damage to school property will result in the behaviour management procedure being utilised.  All deliberate damage of school property will be charged to parents of the students involved.


We are part of the Tararua District Cluster and our dental services are provided through the Manawatu branch.  The dental nurse will contact parents directly and arrange check-up's and treatment.  At this stage parents take thier children to Eketahuna School for our dental nurse appointments.


A teacher is out on duty each morning tea and lunch break.  1 teacher cannot be everywhere in the school but we endeavour to supervise and monitor all students.  Many of the high frequency use areas such as the sandpit or playground are located within viewing distance from the staff member which allows teachers having their lunch to also monitor students - keeping more eyes on the larger groups of students.  

Teachers having their lunch break or morning tea break are also available to students to offer support with minor injuries (e.g. scrapped knees) and other minor problems if the duty teacher is already busy.

In the first instance it is the duty teacher’s responsibility to resolve issues and determine the consequences, if this is the appropriate action.  Only when the issue is serious or unable to be resolved should the issue be passed on to the principal.


All enrolment information can be found in the Starting Section of this website.  


The school has a set of procedures that are followed in the case of emergency.  The most likely emergencies we will need to prepare for are flooding, fire or earthquake.  The procedures can be downloaded from the Board of Trustees Policies and Procedures section of this website or obtained from the school office.


The school always has at least 1 permanent staff member with a current first aide certificate.  In the case of minor accidents the school will provide first aide and contact parents if necessary.  For major accidents the school will immediately contact parents and medical help if needed whilst providing first aide.  

If students have severe allergies, or known health problems the school will put an action plan in place for the child that will be created with the parent.  This will outline what the school will do, should the child have health problems at school.

The school is not able to provide Panadol or other pain killer medication to students - except on camps with the parents’ consent.  If your child is requiring pain killers you will be contacted.

Students should not attend school if they are sick (odd runny noses etc. are fine).  If your child has developed a contagious disease (e.g. chickenpox, mumps etc.) you must notify the school as soon as possible and your child will need to be kept home for the required period outlined by the Ministry of Health.

Should your child begin feeling sick whilst at school they will be monitored in the library and you will be contacted to come and collect them.

It is important that you advise the school of any medical conditions that your child has - including asthma, allergies, heart conditions, blood conditions etc.  This ensures that staff are aware of these medical conditions and can respond appropriately.


Homework is sent home each week on a Monday.  Homework is expected to be completed and is an opportunity for children to practice work they have covered in class.

Our senior class will have homework that reflects current class work.  They will also have optional activities for those who want to do more.  It is expected that all senior students will read nightly.

Our junior classes will have homework that contains spelling, reading and basic facts.

Homework should not take children longer than 20 minutes per night to complete.  If your child is finding the level of homework too difficult or spending too long on it please come in and see your child's teacher to have a chat about it.


Students are taught about internet safety and we have a reducing level of supervision as students get older - by this we mean our New Entrant students are not allowed to search on the internet or navigate their way around, they must be put on to websites by their teacher, whereas our Year 7 and 8 students have more access in terms of searching while in the classroom with the teacher.  No student is allowed to use the computers or Ipads on the Internet if a teacher is not in the room.  When the Wi-fi systems are turned off students are able to play games on the computers and IPads as they cannot access any other material than what has already been approved by staff.

We work hard to ensure our students have good use of ICT in the school, whilst operating in a safe environment.  In the event that your child does access material that is inappropriate the school's internet policy is followed and parents will be contacted immediately - but please rest assured after additional safety measure were installed this year it is very difficult for your child to access material that is inappropriate.


Lost property is stored in a basket outside the principal's office. We keep it on site for a full term and display it for parents at the end of term cleaning.  What is left unclaimed at the end of each term will be taken to charity shops - sadly we do not have room at the school to store the property indefinitely.

Staff go through the found items with the children before it is placed in lost property - so all children are being given opportunities to claim their belongings.


The school has no provision for bought lunches.  

During Terms 2 and 3 children may bring food to be heated in the oven - known as Hot Lunches.  All food must be named and wrapped in tin foil.  We are unable to microwave food, or add boiling hot water to food as this is a health and safety issue.

Information is sent home about this in time for Term 2.  There is one day a week where your children may bring the hot food.


Newsletters are sent to our wider community and parents once per week on a Monday.  We have a section for community advertisements and these notices need to be in to the school office by Monday 9am.  We encourage people to receive their newsletters electronically rather than on paper.   Newsletters may also be downloaded from this website.

Our newsletters are full of information and student work.  Each class takes a turn providing work for the newsletter that showcases what they have been learning.  Our senior students also take turns to write a brief report at the beginning of the newsletter.


The school has an open door policy. This means we encourage parents to come and talk to staff about your child's learning.  

Staff are always willing to meet with parents to discuss their child's progress.  Please contact the staff member directly and organise a time that suits you both.  Staff can often accommodate meetings before or after school and occasionally throughout the day.


It is important that parents ensure the school has up to date and accurate contact information - both for the parents themselves and 2 additional emergency contacts (we will always endeavour to contact parents first in the event of an emergency).

Once a year the school test our contact information by running a school wide emergency drill.  This often highlights small changes that need to be made.

We appreciate your co-operation with this important matter.


At the start of your child's time at school (and as we update these afterwards) you will be asked to sign a general permission slip giving the school the right to take your child off the school grounds on school trips, publish their work or photos in the newsletter, website and classroom blogs, provide your child with internet access and emails and lastly to have your child's name and photograph published in local newsletters.

You will always be notified of classroom trips but will not generally be required to fill out a permission slip.

There are odd occasions that we will send home permissions slips for events - often when we are requiring parent help.  There will always be a return date noted in the letter accompanying the permission slip.  Please make sure you have returned your slip by this date.


The school takes no responsibility for student’s personal property.  If a staff member has asked your child to bring a special item to school they will endeavour to look after this in the staffroom - every care will be taken.

We discourage students bringing personal property of any value to school (e.g. cameras, MP3 players etc).




During the school year there are several formal times for parents to be kept up to date about their child's learning progress and achievement.  They are as follows:


Staggered reports for Year 1 - 3

3-way conferences (parents, students and teachers)


Mid-year reports for Year 4 - 8 children

Staggered reports for Year 1 - 3 children


3-way conferences (parents, students and teachers)

Staggered reports for Year 1 - 3 children


End of year reports for Year 4 - 8 children

Staggered reports for Year 1 - 3 children

Don’t forget the school's open door policy!  If you have any concerns come and see us sooner rather than later!


Our school is aiming to become a zero waste school.  At this stage we are recycling almost 90% of our school's waste.  Our senior students run a Green Team and sort the recycling on a daily basis. To help support our efforts we ask that parents consider purchasing re-usable food containers rather than using products such as glad wrap or lunch paper.

The Tararua District Council pick up our recycling on a fortnightly basis (the days often change but it is approximately every 2 weeks).  The school earns Paper for Trees reward points for every bin of recycling that is collected.  This is used at the end of the year to select new native plants for the school.


Our hours of operation are as follows:

First Bus arrives at school


1st Morning Session

9.00am - 10.40am

Morning Tea

10.40am - 11.00am

2nd Morning Session

11.00am - 12.30pm

Lunch Break

12.30pm - 1.15pm

3rd Afternoon Session

1.15pm - 2.45pm

Last Bus leaves the School


Please be aware that students may not arrive at school any earlier than 8.00am and must leave prior to 3.30pm.  We cannot guarantee supervision outside of these hours.


Our school library is opened to the wider community.

We encourage pre-school students to visit our library with their parents as well.  

Our current limits are:

Pre-School Students

2 Books for 2 weeks

Enrolled School Students

4 Books for 2 weeks

Community Members and Staff

10 Books for 2 weeks

Our children visit the library on a Friday when our fabulous librarian Mrs McKenzie is at work.  

Our students can take out any book in our library except the Teen Reads and Community Books.  Only our Year 7 & 8 students are able to access this material as staff has assessed the content as being more suitable for older children.

Our community members may access books from any section of the library.

We work hard to keep the books in our library modern, inviting and up to date.  The Board of Trustees invested well over a thousand dollars each year into the purchase of news books to ensure our students have access to the best reading materials they can.

We do encourage all of our students to join their local libraries as well so they have even better access to books to read.

Our new library system means students can access our library from home.  The website address is:


Students have their own login information,.


The school office is attended every Monday and Tuesday from 8.30am - 4.30pm.  It is attended most Wednesday's from 8.30am - 4.00pm.  Phones are checked regularly throughout the day and always checked before buses leave the school to ensure we have received any changes - so please do leave messages if the phone is not answered.


In 2013 the school undertook substantial community consultation around our values as they had not been reviewed since 2008.  We now have the MIGHTY acronym for our values which have been displayed on a logo designed by Anna Robbie an ex student of our school.  The values are incorporated into all lesson and curriculum planning in the school.  Some classrooms are also using them as part of their behaviour management reward system.



Every 2 years the Principal sets a self-review cycle which is approved by the Board of Trustees.  As part of the review parents may be contacted for feedback - this can be in the form of a paper survey, digital survey or phone call home.  We appreciate your input into the school.


Classroom programmes cater for a diverse range of students within the regular classroom programme.  Priorities will be set at the beginning of each year in recognition of the assessment of all children’s progress during the previous year.  Any changes in needs that become apparent as a result of on-going assessment of all children will be addressed.

The classroom teacher will be responsible for planning and teaching the programme.  Such programmes will be continually monitored to assess the child’s progress, suitability of the programme and the financial committee of the school.

Monitoring and evaluation of programmes will be reported on to the Principal and in some circumstances the Board (all privacy laws will be followed in this case).


The school office keeps a very well-priced selection of stationery for students to purchase.  At the end of each year parents are asked to decide if they would like to purchase their own stationery independently or purchase their stationery from the school.  We do not offer the choice to our New Entrants parents as the stationery is quite specific and only available through certain suppliers.  Staff endeavour to keep stationery requirements to a minimum - in fact in the senior school we are working roughly 60% in our books and 40% either digitally or in group discussion which means some books can be re-used the following year.

Parents who purchase stationery through the school will receive one larger invoice at the end of Term One which will include the initial stationery packs and then 3 smaller invoices at the end of each term which will include any minor replacement items (e.g. pencils, rulers etc.).  You can expect to spend approximately $30 - $50 on your child for stationery over the year depending on how well they look after their belongings.  Val (our office lady) itemises all invoices so you are aware of which child is replacing items frequently.  The school makes no profit from stationery sales - we pass our savings on to parents.


The normal swimming season runs from November to April.  The swimming pool door must be closed and locked after each class leaves.  Children are not allowed to be in the pool or the pool surrounds without teacher supervision.

Each swim season, parents and local community members are able to purchase a school pool key from the office.


In Terms 1 and 4 all students must bring hats to school.  If your child does not have a hat at school they will be required to play in the shady areas of our school.

The school provides sunscreen for all of our students in Term 1 and 4.


Alfredton School does not have a day to day school uniform.  Students are expected to come to school dressed sensibly for school activities - please don’t send your child in their brand new dress if you are worried about them getting paint on it!  We also ask that on Thursday and Friday students all wear sports shoes so they can participate in whole school PE.  

Students are not permitted to wear shoes inside the classrooms but you are welcome to send them along with a pair of slippers or thick socks to wear inside.

ASCA provide every child in the school with a full sports uniform of long black pants, green shorts, gold sports top and black jacket.  This uniform must be worn to all interschool sports events (e.g. swimming sports, athletics, cross country).  Occasionally staff will ask children to wear their uniforms when we are going out on school trips.  If this is required we will send home notices to parents.