The Board of Trustees has recently begun using Google Docs for ease of review of Policies.  The policies are documents used to govern the school.

The Principal is responsible for setting up a number of procedures that underpin the policies below.  Copies of these are available upon request from the Principal.

At the time of review policies will be sent home to community members to ensure any feedback can be passed on to Board members or the Principal prior to review meetings.

NAG 1 Policy Curriculum Delivery.docx207.22 KB
NAG 2 Policy Community Consultation.docx208.13 KB
NAG 3 Policy Appointments.docx209 KB
NAG 3 Policy Equal Employment Opportunities.docx207.85 KB
NAG 3 Policy Principal Appraisal.docx166.36 KB
NAG 4 Policy Financial Management.docx207.95 KB
NAG 4 Policy Sensitive Expenditure.docx209.24 KB
NAG 4 Policy Theft and Fraud Prevention.docx210.67 KB
NAG 5 Policy Child Abuse.docx209.71 KB
NAG 5 Policy Emergency Procedures.docx210.45 KB
NAG 5 Policy Equity.docx207.86 KB
NAG 5 Policy Outdoor Education EOTC.docx208.83 KB
NAG 5 Policy Swimming Pool.docx207.9 KB
NAG 5 Policy Work Safe.docx208.43 KB
NAG 6 Policy Enrolment and Attendance.docx208.19 KB
NAG 6 Policy Treaty of Waitangi - BiCulturalism.docx208.32 KB