School Trophies & Awards

At the end of every year at our prizegiving we award a number of different trophies.  In 2016 we introduced 4 additional trophies to support the academic excellence aims of the Board.

Our current trophies are:

  • Junior Academic Excellence
  • Senior Academic Excellence
  • Junior Diligence
  • Senior Diligence
  • Hull Trophy for Excellence in the Arts
  • Phillips Cup for Female Sportsperson
  • Percy Cup for Male Sportsperson
  • Science and Technology Cup
  • Cultural Award
  • Citizenship & Principal Scholarship

The critieria that teachers use for each of these awards when we are selecting are included in the attachments below.


We also have 4 trophies for Pets Day which are giving out for the top scoring student in Year 0 - 2, Year 3 - 4, Year 5 - 6, Year 7 - 8. This includes scores combined from indoor and outdoor activities.  Motu Nui kindly donated these cups in 2014.

Junior Academic Excellence Criteria.pdf374.43 KB
Senior Academic Excellence Criteria.pdf375.42 KB
Junior Diligence Cup Criteria.pdf373.29 KB
Senior Diligence Cup Criteria.pdf374.86 KB
Hull Trophy for Excellence in Arts Criteria.pdf372.86 KB
Phillips Cup for Female Sportsperson Criiteria.pdf377.36 KB
Percy Cup for Male Sportsperson Criiteria.pdf377.14 KB
Science and Technology Award Criteria.pdf375.32 KB
Cultural Trophy Criteria.pdf368.55 KB
Citizenship and Principal Scholarship Criteria.pdf373.61 KB