Welcome to Alfredton School

Alfredton School is a small rural country school in the Tararua District.  The school is located in a peaceful, quiet area and enjoys the benefits of a highly supportive community.

Our school’s motto is Inspiring learning for a lifetime ~ Little acorns to mighty oaks. The motto is based around our 80 year old oak trees lining the orginal entrance into the school.  Since the opening of our school in 1887 we have sent many learners out into the world.  We ensure our students are able to reach the aim of a ‘mighty oak’ by offering an innovative, inspirational and conceptual curriculum that is based around the needs of the student. Our students and whanau are actively involved in the learning within our school. We have an open door policy and we endeavour to ensure that everyone has a voice and will be heard in a respectful manner.

Our staff are interested in the whole child and we take a holistic approach to our teaching. We aim to enhance students talents and interests while supporting them to grow and develop.

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Kindest regards,

Claire Audier